Gun cleaning has never been this easy

Suitable for 5.56 – 7.62 – 9 mm guns withmax. 50 cm (20 inch) barrel length.

HRB60 Gun Care Kit for Automatic Rifle
HRB60 Gun Care Kit for 5.56mm Guns
HRB60 Gun Care Kit for 7.62mm Guns
HRB60 Gun Care Kit for 9mm Guns

How to use HRB60?

Maintenance is the key for weapons.

Maintenance is key for military guns.

HRB60 Gun Care Kit has been developed for cleaning guns properly.

Kit contents provide tools for quickly cleaning guns for periodic maintenance.

Regular usage of this kit improves the gun’s lifespan and reduces the possibility of malfunction during use.

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Gun care is easier than before.

HRB60 Gun Care Kit is compact and light.

Appropriate for armed forces usage.

It easily fits into uniform pockets.

Removes the unnecessary burden of carrying bulky gun cleaning kits.

Serves as travel kits for personal users.

HRB60 Kit Content

• HRB60 Plastic Ramrod
• Metric 3 brass brush
• Dry Wipe far Gun Barrel Cleaning (1)
• Greased Wipe far Gun Barrel Cleaning (2)
• Degreasing Wipe far Gun Barrel (3)
• Greased Wipe far Exterior Cleaning of Mechanism and Gun (4)
• Drying Wipe far Exterior of Mechanism and Gun (5)
• Hand Cleansing Wipe (6)

Gun Care Kit for Militaries

Got Any Questions?

    Information you need to know

    Suitable for 5.56 – 7.62 – 9 mm guns with a maximum of 50 cm (20 inches) barrel length. Please select the compatible product type for your weapon while ordering.

    •Numbered wipes should be used in order.
    • All wipes are for single use.
    • Plastic ramrod and brass brush are for multiple uses.
    • Greased wipes contain adequate lubrication for your gun. No need for additional grease usage.

    Please consider the information above while using your HRB60 Gun Care Kit.

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